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how to uninstall norton internet security

August 8, 2012

Some feel that Norton Lags your computer then there should be way to remove it. Norton is a antimalware spyware which is been in security industry for a long time. The new Computer technology are not much compatible with norton so people find solution to remove the norton antivirus for these particular reasons. Below is the procedure to remove the Norton Internet Security.

Step 1:
Open the Control Panel on your computer by select the “Start” menu followed by the “Control Panel” menu option. Then, select the “Add/Remove Programs” menu choice and click the Norton Internet Security on the list of applications on the subsequent menu.

Step 2:
Select the “Add/Remove” menu option and acknowledge the warning menus that appear on your computer.

Step 3:
Restart your computer after Norton Internet Security has been removed.

Step 4:
Verify the Norton Internet Security program icons have been removed from your computer’s desktop and “Program Files” menu located under your computer’s “Start” menu.

Step 5:
Download the Norton Product Removal tool from Symantec if Norton Internet Security has failed to uninstall in the previous steps in this article.

Step 6:
Double-click the product removal tool program and permit it to run on your computer. After the tool has completed running, restart your computer and Norton Internet Security will be removed.

After removing obviously you will be in search of other Internet Security Softwares so in that case you can go for Comodo Internet Security which is having new technologies like Auto sandboxing. The Auto Sandboxing ensures there is no entry of any untrusted malwares to your Computer System,


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